The News Of The World Scandal And Your Website

The News Of The World Is Closing Down

The News of The World is going to be closed down this coming weekend- News International announced today that this coming Sunday will be the very last News Of The World Sunday newspaper to be produced in the UK. I remember as a child trying to sneak a peek at the titillating stories in the paper and perhaps get a peek of something that I shouldn’t have been looking at.I never really liked their style of journalism but they certainly had a strong following of people who would read the paper- even my father sometimes bought The News of the World

So, why is The News of The World closing down?

They are closing down purely and simply because of the reputation that they have developed through the phone hacking scandal.The story basically is that they are being accused of tolerating a culture that encouraged journalists to hack in to people mobile phones and listen to their voice mail. Now, I have no idea if this is true or untrue, however the bottom line is that the scandal had enough validity to cause the owners of the News of The World to announce today that they would be stopping production of the paper this weekend.

The News of The World and You

So, what possible relevance can this have to your employment search and what does it have to do with you? The answer is all about reputation. The News of The World (along with almost every other newspaper) relied heavily on advertiser income and once the credibility of the publication was called in to question, they were almost finished. As far as you are concerned, your reputation is absolutely everything as far as your business prospects are concerned. Customers are Internet savvy so those risque photographs that you posted on your Facebook page might not seem to be such a good idea when a potential customer checks you out online. Have you actually Google’d your own name? I strongly suggest that you do and see exactly what comes back in the search engine results.

I’m not being a prude, everyone enjoys having a good time but you do need to be oh so careful when it comes to sharing information online that you might not wish someone to look at. Start building a positive social media presence and perhaps consider your own  website that you can control and perhaps your business won’t go the same way as The News of The World.

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