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I recently did a post about the best wordpress plugins so today I thought i’d highlight some tools that every one of us should have in our Arsenal. The good thing about these is most will be free or have at least have a free trial

How Fast is Your Site

First up is an App/tool that i hope you are all using and if not I hope you start using it today and that is Pingdoms we site loading speed checker. whenever you set up a blog or a sales page then make sure you check it here it takes a few seconds and can show you what’s causing any problems, if your new site isn’t faster than the top 80-85% of websites then do something about it. If you have a long established site with lots of content then aim to be above 60%. Customers and google hate slow sites.

Share & Store Files

I suspect you all have a dropbox account, if not why not? It is by far the easiest way to share files and videos, or even backup your sites. whether it’s sharing videos with business partners and outsourcers or just sending a message to my wife to remind her to buy cheese dropbox is invaluable. I even have all my photo’s automatically uploaded when I plug in my iPhone

Hold That Idea

You know when you are looking at something our are out and about and you have that amazing idea…that you can’t remember the next morning? Well thats where Springpad comes in it goes on all your devices and lets you note and share ideas via a whole host of ways . It’s similar to Evernote but I actually prefer the spring pad interface. Check it out


Basecamp (30 day free trial then $10 per month) has recently had an update and is really intuitive to use. Set up a project then share it with anyone you are working with, you can add discussions, files, a calendar and a to-do list. If you are working on any projects and use outsourcers or have partners then this is a must have.

Manage Social Media

Hootsuite is a great tool that allows to to manage all your social media accounts in one place post, reply and schedule posts tweets status updates or whatever else you need to do from 1 interface. It also gives you updates on how your social campaigns are going. Along the same lines is Buffer which will post items to your social networks at the best possible time to get the most engagement.

Get Backlinks Easily

Tynt… I couldn’t do a round up of great free apps with out including Tynt. I know i’ve mentioned it loads of time but any app that can generate 48 backlinks (last month) from content that was “removed” from my site is worth having. A simple bit of code in the header is all it needs. Use it!

If you haven’t had enough of all this free tool goodness then I have something you’ll love. Well you will if you are an Internet marketer who struggles to get high quality sales pages and sales funnels created.

A good friend of mine Sally has just released a report that is packed full of really useful free tools and shows you how to use those tools to create mind blowing sales pages and sales funnels. If you don’t want to buy OptimizePress or something similar because they are just too confusing and outside your tech level then you really should check it out.



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