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Website Hosting

Every website on the planet needs hosting somewhere. A web hosting company is effectively providing a service from which your business is served. A server is just a computer on which computer files sit- when put together, this becomes your website. We are an authorised re-seller for Unlimited web hosting- this is a reliable website host with fantastic service levels based in the UK.

One factor often overlooked in getting your website ranked highly is the location of the server. Having a server located in the country that you are targeting can really help you.

Hosting Prices

We offer web hosting at only £2.50 per website per month

A Better Offer at only £25 per website per month

1. Web Hosting
2. Visitor Reporting (monthly)
3. Maintenance (up to one hour per month)

We will provide you with web hosting, visitor reporting and basic maintenance of your website for this price. We offer a 5% discount for quarterly billing through direct debit/ Paypal subscription payment.

Domain name renewal

If you want to avoid having the hassle of remembering when to renew your domain, we will do it for you at  flat fee of£20

Video Distribution and Creation

Video is the latest and probably the hottest trend on the internet today. The advent of You Tube as well as many other video sharing sites like Vimeo has meant that video is fast becoming the chosen method of consumption of information. Hasn’t everyone been sent an email link to a video of a dog riding a bicycle?

What does that mean for my business?

The proper use of video can do wonders for your business. Let’s take a fictitious example of a house painter. Showing a simple video of them working in a clean and tidy environment, showing how to carefully prepare surfaces in readiness for painting and a hundred other examples separate that painter from the crowd as far as his competition is concerned.

Simple hand-held video recorders are cheap nowadays and are so simple to use. Nobody expects broadcast quality or professional production. People do, however want to see how to do something- when they mess it up themselves, they will contact you.

Here is the secret

The real reason why you should use video, however is that the search engines love video. Google will often return search results of videos and now Google instant gives you the opportunity to have video returned in the results. Putting the video on your website (done properly of course) and also distributing the video correctly to video sharing sites will get the video picked up by thousands of video sites across the world.

Do this incorrectly, however and you will have wasted your time.

There are several videos on this website- we make no secret of the fact that you are probably reading this text now as you have found our website through a search engine. Part of the reason for this website’s popularity is the videos that we have created and distributed.

We offer video creation and also more importantly distribution. If you are interested, please fill in the form on this page and we will get straight in touch with you, even if it is only to answer your questions if you are curious.

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