Search Engine Optimisation Services (SEO)

The services that we offer are all in some way or another search engine optimisation services. Effectively this means that we work on your website itself (on page) and also on increasing the website popularity (off page).

Every website has different needs and pretty much every website is at a different stage of development. The very first thing that we do is to understand your business requirements- in other words, what exactly are you trying to achieve through having a website. When we have done this, we can then offer you some solutions that will make you additional money either directly or indirectly.

What is the purpose of a website?

Business needs vary- listed below are some of the main reasons why you might need a website:

(1)  As a brochure or magazine that you can show people or direct people to in order for them to get more information. For instance, you may want to show people real examples of your work, your qualifications, to answer some frequently asked questions and therefore relieve the pressure on your administrative resources- the  opportunities are endless

(2)  As a vehicle to generate leads for your sales force to convert. Contrary to popular belief, the website itself might not be the tool through which the order is actually taken. Far more common is the need to generate an enquiry. In general, the more complicated it is to describe or understand the product being sold, the less likely it is that someone will buy directly off the website

(3)  As a method of gaining customer feedback or allowing users of a product/ service to share their experiences and learn from each other. Forums are a popular place for people to spend time at the moment- some of the biggest internet sites in the world are customer forums.

(4)  To share an opinion/ point of view or common interest. Political parties, religious or sporting groups or clubs often have a website to communicate this information.

(5)  To sell products. This is mentioned lastly for a reason. More often than not, people use the internet to find free information, compare prices and then sometimes to make a purchase. The internet is a big place and competition is tough. It is vital therefore that your website can get found.

So why do I need Search engine optimisation?

The truth is that if your website can’t be found by the people who are likely to want to use it, the website is a complete waste of money, time and effort. This is the real purpose of search engine optimisation- to get your potential visitors to your site ahead of someone else’s site.

Solutions tailored for your needs alone

Many of our competitors will sell you packages of SEO solutions- and some will get you the results that you need. If you wish to purchase something like that, we are happy to sell you that solution- after all, you are the customer.

We would rather, however tailor a solution for you and your website. Depending on the competition, you might not need everything in a package- you may well need something else. We will tailor our services to what you need and won’t charge any more than is necessary to get the job done. We guarantee our results and please remember our guarantee:

Google page one or pay nothing

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