Lead Generation

Did you know that even if you don’t have a website, you can use the internet to generate leads for your business? These leads are red hot as they are people (usually local) who are looking for the product or service that you supply right now and aren’t finding anyone to supply it.

Mobile Internet Marketing Cardiff

2D Mobile Bar Code

I wonder how many people will know what the photograph on the left of this text actually is? Incredibly, if you take a photo of it, it will direct you straight to this website. It will also direct you to the business premises (if you don’t want that, you don’t have to have it).

Can you imagine the impact of that if for example you have a restaurant or any type of business where people might want to find you?

Put this (obviously for your business) onto, say a menu or a sign or a business card and people eating at your restaurant can get their friends to join them at a click of a text. This is unbelievable technology and so very quick to set up. The barcode also has an inbuilt map built in so people can use their gps enabled phone to find your establishment (if you want them to).

We offer a service that will have hungry customers ringing you up and asking you to help solve their problem. This is possibly the most exciting service that we can offer you. It does involve the internet, however not in the way that you may think. If you are interested in having more enquiries and leads for your business that will surely result in additional sales then please get in touch so we can design a campaign specifically tailored to the needs of your business.

The cost savings that you can generate are simply enormous as is the sales potential. Let’s imagine that you have a double glazing business selling windows and doors to the general public. It’s highly probable that you employ (or pay commission) to salespeople who hand out leaflets in shopping centres, cold call people in their homes or have people calling door to door delivering leaflets or cold calling specific geographical areas.

We can solve this for you by generating leads from people who want to and are ready to buy your product. Let’s be really honest- does anybody like being sold to- your salespeople don’t like the aggravation, your customers don’t really want it and even if they are looking to buy right at the moment you approach them, are they going to give you their details?

This novel approach uses the power of online classified advertisements, directories, mobile phones, video and many other tools to generate leads form people ready to buy. This service is suitable for any business that has to deliver their service in person- people like landscape gardeners, decorators, locksmiths, carpenters, builders, cleaners and many more can benefit. Please fill in the form on the bottom right of the page and we will get straight in touch with you.

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