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Your Website On Google’s First Page

Most website designers do a really good job of making your website look great. A lot of time is spent choosing colour schemes, photographs, fonts, layouts and the like without spending the time necessary to work out how your customers are going to find your website. We help people by getting their website on Google’s first page. A case study of one of our recent customers can be seen in the video below.


- here is the email he sent me as well:

Hi Glenn,

Thank you so much for your work on the web site. Got loads more work and can
visably see Elite Pipeline rise through the google rankings , we even done a
job in London today because of your hard work. , 

Thanks again


We work with businesses that want more enquiries by getting their websites visible in the search engines. Most people will only look at the first page of the search engine results when searching for a business on the internet. Typically, 95% of click throughs come from the first page. Your website needs to be found on the first page of Google and also the other search engines.

SEO Cardiff

SEO Cardiff

Another Email just received from Kee dental Care, one of our customers- to see their results, search for Swansea cosmetic dentists in Google

We have now had 15 new patients via the website so things are obviously on the up thanks to your great work.
I will speak to Darren regarding dates for sign off.

The simple truth though is that without research and some hard graft, your website will sit in cyber space and nobody will find it. Search engine optimisation is the answer to this. You need to be sure that your website is found and that the word that people use to find your website has some commercial intent. Basically, stack the odds in your favour by making sure that when people search for your keywords, they are looking to buy.

Who are Fixmybroken website? (SEO Cardiff)

We work with a select group of businesses that want to go a step further than just having a website. If you would like to see the results that we are having for different search terms (or keywords) then please click here . To make sure that your business is not affected by other businesses in your locality, we commit to working with only one business of each type in every area. For example, having worked with a drainage company in Bridgend, I won’t now work with another drainage business in their catchment area. Please give us a call on 01656 880648 or 07930 673053 and I’m sure that SEO Cardiff can help you.

SEO Cardiff – Exactly What does that mean?

The internet is a big place. When people search for something on the internet, they are very specific in the terms that they are looking for. When people search for “SEO Cardiff” they are looking for SEO (search engine optimisation) in a specific geographical area- i.e. Cardiff. The reason i explain this here is so taht you can think about where your website sits, what search phrases will people choose to use when searching for it and then you can make sure that your website is properly optimised on page and off page for that search term. In your case, it may be plumber Bridgend, Window cleaner Cardiff or any other similar phrase- hence the term, SEO Cardiff.

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