Directory submission

Directory submission for as little as 25p per link

Links back to your site (or backlinks) are an important factor in the way that Google and other search engines index your site and ultimately drive the position of your website in search results

Put simply, Google values the company you keep (or the sites that link to you)

We understand that for some people the cost of proper search engine optimisation can be prohibitive and so we have put together a package of directory submissions to properly optimised search engine friendly directories at a cost that is affordable. The directories are hand picked to give you the very best opportunity for additional search engine exposure. We will provide you with a complete list of the sites that we submit to and all directories are submitted manually within a week.

Just choose the package that suits you best and then contact us by email. We will have a quick discussion to confirm the description of your website and the anchor text that you wish to have included in the directory and we’ll send you an invoice. Just as soon as that is paid, we will get on with the submissions


1000 Directory submission               25p per link

500 – 999 Directory submission                             30p per link

100- 499 Directory submission                                                          35p per link

(Minimum order 100 directory submission, £35)

You will need to confirm the email confirmations that directories send to you

We cannot accept websites that are not suitable general viewing- no adult orientated sites or any sites that we may deem unsuitable- our decision is final. Apologies for this, however these directories are widely viewed and need to be suitable for all.

directory submission

directory submission

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