SEO Guarantee

We guarantee that the home page of your website will appear in the top ten organic results returned by Google ( on the day we hand the website back to you (the customer) for the agreed keywords (key phrases) that are decided on at the beginning of our relationship. We cannot guarantee the length of time that your website will continue in the top ten. This is due to factors out of our control. These include competition, search engine algorithm changes and many other factors.

We cannot guarantee the level of business or traffic that will ensue as a result of the improvement in search engine results (although in our experience, every customer that we have ever dealt with has experienced growth in their customer numbers, customer spend and website traffic).

SEO Guarantee

We need your complete co-operation to allow us the leeway to complete an excellent job for you. This includes access to your hosting account (or cpanel) as necessary.

We are happy to participate in a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement should you feel that is necessary to deliver our SEO Guarantee.

We Take The Risk

We would not and could not guarantee our service if we did not deliver results for our customers- we would simply fall out of business. Our reputation means everything to us. It is very easy nowadays to make comments over review sites, internet forums, social media and the like and if our customers were not happy, they would make them.

It sounds a little old-fashioned really, however we take pride in our work, keep our word, do what we say we will do and don’t make any claim that we can’t back up. This is why we guarantee page one- we cannot guarantee the number one slot- nobody can- we will however do all the work that is necessary and more to get your website to the first page of Google- we guarantee it.

We will put our guarantee in writing

We are prepared to put our guarantee in writing- I know that some people won’t think that this is worth the paper it is written on, however it is all we can do to demonstrate that we mean exactly what we say.

Google page one or you pay nothing.

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