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seo packages

So what does that mean for you and me and everyone who is desperately trying to get their website ranked?
The truth is that Google exists for a single purpose and that is to make money- anyone disputing that fact should have a good look at both the Adsense and The Adwords platforms and you will quickly realise that Google are deadly serious about making money. What isn’t quite so obvious is that for Google to remain a powerhouse in search, they have to deliver search results to the user that is relevant to the phrase that we put into the search box and not return absolute rubbish like content farms, spam sites, low relevance sites and the like.

What Exactly Then Is Relevant Website SEO Content?

Now let’s play a game here- really try and put yourself in the shoes of the person who is coming to visit your site- what are they interested in? Is it really the latest news about your most important special offer or is it that they are coming to your website to get some really useful information or to solve a problem that may have been bugging them for a little while. You see, contrary to the outpourings of many SEO Guru’s out there, most people when they search are looking for free information. Don’t believe me- well it is absolutely true. If any of you have children of school age, just watch them on their laptop and see where they go to for information from which to complete their homework. I’ll bet you a pound to a pinch of poo that they don’t go to any websites that will cost them money- there is far too much free information out there. Relevant content then is useful to the reader without being over pushy, biased and trying to sell you product. Of course you want people to buy products and services from you; however it is now becoming the content that will separate your website wheat from the rubbish chaff that pervades the Internet

So- How Do I Create Content That Works For SEO?

The truth is that there is no easy answer to this- I had to stay up late at night to write this piece of content and you need to do exactly the same. Your SEO efforts will definitely fall on stony ground if you take the short cut. One question to ask yourself is this: Would this content be considered to be from an authoritative source? If you truly are an expert in your field, no doubt you will have considerable expertise in your subject area and should be able to impart this knowledge to your readers. Why wouldn’t you want to do this? The answer is that it is of course hard work and let’s be honest- no-one likes hard work, do they?

Is Length Important For Your SEO Efforts?

Without getting smutty here, the answer simply put is that length of articles and web copy is most definitely important. Gone are the days when a quick 300 word post, written once a month would satisfy the search engines. Consider writing and adding website content that is over 700 words in length. The reason for this is that it is far more likely to be useful to the reader and has a much greater chance of being indexed by the search engines- who knows, your content may even get linked back to and that is what you are really trying to do isn’t it? One other reason is that your website may well get indexed for some long tail keywords that you haven’t even thought about yet- they will be searched by someone, somewhere.

Think About The Reader More Than You When Writing Website Content

This is probably the hardest lesson that you will ever learn. People are only interested in what is in it for them. No matter what you may think- the reader wants to get information that helps them and then get out of there- we are all busy people so if there is only one piece of advice that you listen to in this whole piece, please remember this: write for your reader- in the end you really will get rewarded for it even if it does make for more work and effort for you in the short term.

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