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Mobile website design is becoming more important every day. Did you know that in the UK there are more mobile phones than there are people?

Of course, some people haven’t got a mobile but there are millions of people who have them.  If your business relies on people who are out and about, for example, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, pubs, transportation (taxis, minibuses), locksmiths (people lock themselves out) and you either haven’t got a website or your website displays poorly or can’t be found, your competition is making money while you are not.

What does your website look like in a phone browser? Mobile Website Design

Have a look at Put the url of your website into the mobile browser simulator and see what it looks like to your customers.  Try putting the address of your competitor’s website into the same site and you will probably be amazed. Ultimately, every business will need a mobile ready website; however you need to act now. Get in touch and we will get you on the way to beating your competition out of sight

In Car Navigation and mobile website design

If your business depends on mobile traffic, it may well be worth getting it listed in the Sat Nav updates and maps. Whilst the cost of this (and also the effectiveness) will vary, this can be an incredible and little known source of traffic and business for you. Please get in touch if this interests you.

How can I make my website mobile friendly? Good mobile website designs

Each individual case will vary, however most websites can be made more accessible. The mobile user has far simpler needs than the standard internet user. Maybe they just need a phone number (for example, taxi businesses) or a look at a menu (for a restaurant). Get in touch and we can look at getting your existing site mobile friendly or making a completely new one if that suits you better.  Couple a mobile friendly website with a search engine and social media package and you’ve got an unbeatable proposition.

mobile website design

An unbeatable package for doing this yourself can be found on the link below

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