How Do You Know That Your Website Designer Knows About Search Engine Optimisation?

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The decision to have a website made in the first place is a wise one. Most small businesses in the UK do not see the value in having one- more accurately; they don’t understand the whole internet thing and therefore shy away from things that they don’t understand. In the end, however you may be forced to get yourself a website as your competitors will take away your business if you don’t.

Sooner or later you will have to get yourself a website for your business. It is now no longer a luxury, rather a necessity. Once you have made the decision to have a website, you have two choices- do it yourself or hire a website designer to do it for you. This article focuses on the questions that you should ask a web designer to see if they know not only how to make your website look great but more importantly, perform well.

Ask your potential web designer how they are going to make sure that your website will rank in the search engines and get you business. Ask to speak to some of their customers and ask them which keywords that the websites are optimised for. Check for yourself the performance of the websites in the portfolio as in the end, your own business will succeed or fail depending on the success or otherwise of your website.

Ask your web designer to explain to you, in words that you can understand, the importance of the title tags in a website. The title tags of a web page are one of the most important factors that determine the success or otherwise of the website. The title tags are like the title of a book- a way for a search engine to know what the web page is all about. If your web designer looks blankly at you when you ask this question, run away and find a web designer that understands your needs.

In an ideal world, a web designer should be commercially aware and understand the business objectives that you have. The web designer should be able to create a site for you that will rank well for your chosen keywords. If they can’t show even a basic understanding of your needs, you should walk away. Ask also about off page factors that affect the ranking of your website. Keyword research, backlinks, article submission, directory submission and pay per click advertising are also subjects that you should raise with your web designer.

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