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Search Engine optimisation in South Wales (what will we do for you)

We offer a  Search Engine Optimisation Package, this is intended to improve the rankings of any website within the Google Search Results (and we guarantee the results).

Search Engine Optimisation Time Scales

Quality Search Engine Optimisation takes time and cannot be rushed. All of the search engine optimisation work will be performed over a 3 month period to ensure that the filters used by the major search engines to avoid artificially high results that are designed to hold back your website from being ranked highly kick in

Search Engine Optimisation Work (on page)
The service that we offer is broken down into several tasks. The reason for this is so that you can be 100% certain of the exact steps that we will take on your behalf. You will see that we have absolutely nothing to hide. In fact, you could do these steps yourself and you would have the same results (as long as you carried them out properly). The reality, however is that it is unlikely that you have the time or resources necessary to devote the effort needed to get the results that you need. We will employ any/ all of the methods below (and more) to get your website ranked highly.

Free Keyword analysis

The very first thing that we will do, even before we start to work with you is to define exactly what keywords (or search phrases) that you want to rank for. We will then check out the competition, the likely search traffic, and also the likely commercial intent (the probability that the search term will result in a sale). This is the most important part of the whole process. We guarantee that you will get top 10 results in Google so we have to be sure that you are ranking for paying keyword phrases.

Title Tags

Just as the title of a book or the name of a person or a business is very important, the title that you give to your web pages is equally important. The title tags are usually underestimated by the web designer. Ask your web designer what title tags are- they should be able to tell you exactly what they are and more importantly, why they are essential to your search engine placement.  We will write your title tags for all pages of your website, making them relevant to the content and very search engine friendly.

Meta Description

To continue the literary theme, the meta description is similar to a short book review. Basically, it describes the web page, letting the search engine know what is on the page. It is also picked up by the search engine spider and often (not always) appears in the search results when you are searching for something.  We will re-write all your meta descriptions to make sure that they return the most relevant results from the search engines, in turn giving you better targeted website traffic.

Meta Keywords

Some years ago when search engine spiders were far from sophisticated, the meta keywords were very important. Basically a list of keywords that you are trying to rank for, they are far less important now, however some search engine spiders still look at them and so they are important to a degree. We will re-write the meta keywords file so it benefits you and your customers.

Keyword density

The density of your chosen keywords within a web page is very important. Whilst having a density too low can be a problem, of a bigger concern is “keyword stuffing”, i.e. making the text too full of keywords. Whilst this looks like a good idea, it will definitely backfire on you. Your customers need to be able to make sense of every web page.  We will re-write as many web pages as necessary to make sure that the keyword density is correct, the copy reads properly, and most importantly, your customers end up buying or enquiring as appropriate.

Header tags

Just as the headings in a book are important, so are the headings that you give to a page, a paragraph, or perhaps an article. The correct use of header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) will make the website read properly, and more importantly, the search engines will pick up on the use of keywords placed properly with relevance in the header tags section. We will re-write the header tags of the website.

Highlighted (or bold) text

Just as highlighting a word in a document brings attention to something important, the careful use of bold or highlighted text can make a subtle improvement to your web pages from both a sales and a search engine point of view. We will check the use of bold in the website and adjust accordingly.

Website content

Some website content is fine just as it is, without the need for revision. Sadly in most cases, the content of web pages is sacrificed for design and the web pages suffer as a result. Often the hardest work of the whole exercise, we will re-write every page of your website if necessary. We will also look at other content, for example, video, images, audio, testimonials, etc.

Image Alt tags

Did you know that the image alt tags were important to your search engine efforts? As well as being a very useful source of additional traffic through image searches, you can also make the site easier to read for sight impaired visitors and gain useful additional traffic. Whilst this can be a separate subject in its own right, we will complete as much work as necessary in this area as appropriate to your business.

Site Map

Creating a properly formatted site map for your website not only helps your search engine positioning, it can also help your customers find their way around your website. We will create a site map and submit it to Google.

URL Re-writing

Having the correct format for writing the file name or the URL of each page can and does have a massive effect, this can be both negative and positive. Re-writing the URL’s and re-directing traffic from the old URL will benefit you. We will re-write the existing URL’s as necessary and create search engine friendly re-directs so none of the old traffic sources are lost.

Search engine optimisation (off page)

As well as making sure that the on page factors (they are the easier ones to control), working on off page factors is also vital in making sure that your website is placed highly in search engines

Google local search

If your business is not listed in Google’s local search results, we will find appropriate categories in which to make sure it has the very best chance of a high ranking as well as making sure that if your customers are looking for a local service, they can find your business easily.

Inbound Links

Search engines place a huge weight of importance on the number and the quality of websites that link to you. Having a one way do follow link from a high page rank website can do wonders for your search engine positioning. We will make sure that you have enough inbound links pointing to your website to outrank your competition.

This is done in several ways, all of which are legitimate and white hat search engine optimisation practices so that you can be sure that your website is not penalised by Google or other search engines as a result.

In practice, this is done in several ways. Article creation and submission to top quality article directories is one method. Creation of keyword rich press releases, news items and items of interest like product reviews or launches can be submitted to appropriate websites.

Directory submission can also be carried out so that high page rank directories link to your website

Social bookmarking. Bookmarking your site through high pagerank sites like Digg, Facebook, Twitter, high page rank blogs can and does have an enormous benefit to your search engine positioning.

In all cases, your links will be checkable through Yahoo site explorer (for example, https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/search?p=http://www.bbc.co.uk&y=Explore+URL&fr=sfp gives you the current inbound link information for the BBC)

Google analytics

Google themselves are a huge help to business owners and produce free tools to help you increase your traffic. Google analytics is one such tool and will give you access to information that you can use to monitor and improve the performance of your website. This can include: search terms that your customer uses to find you, geographical information showing where your customers come from, and much more. We will set up Google analytics for you and then make sure you understand how to improve your traffic still further.

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