Do I Need A Website?

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Is it true that you need a website to generate enquiries and sales from the internet? The answer is maybe. Having a website nowadays is fast becoming a requirement to do business at all. It is possible, however to do business through the internet without having a website at all.

Google places is the map you see of the area that you have searched for at the top of the search engine results. For example, if you type in Basildon Plumbers into Google, one of the first things that you see is that little map. Not all the businesses listed there will have websites- some just list their business with Google and then Google lets people choose which business they look at through providing information like opening hours, telephone number, website details, etc. Which businesses do you think get the most business- the ones with a website or the ones that don’t?

Of course in the long run you do need to have a website. We know many excellent website designers that we can put you in touch with- each one has their own style and of course that choice is up to you. We can manage the process for you if you prefer, however we are not website designers- our advice is most definitely to give us a call and chat things through. In some cases, we will recommend that you don’t have a website but not often.

This is fast becoming the exception rather than the rule, however for some businesses, it simply isn’t necessary. As the internet grows ever more into our lives, however, you are probably going to need one or your business is going to get left far behind.

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