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Firstly, many thanks for taking the time to find out about our business. We are search engine marketing (also called search engine optimisation or even optimization if you are from the USA) specialists.

Put simply, we help people make more money from their website by taking it from nowhere (as far as their potential customers are concerned) in the search engine results to somewhere better.

The result of the work that we put in to the websites of businesses and individuals that we work with is that the website is found quicker and easier in Google and also in other search engines and as the website is found higher up the page , there is a much higher possibility that someone searching for that business will find it.

We started working with smaller businesses that wanted to get their business found. Over time, we have worked with more and more businesses, often gaining their trust through word of mouth recommendation and to date have never had a bad experience with any of our customers.

We will tell you honestly what is and what is not possible- nobody has all the answers as to how Google works and we cannot guarantee a particular ranking- what we do guarantee is that we will get more targeted traffic to your website.   We won’t get you ranked for silly phrases that nobody searches for- we want to have a long term relationship with our customers so we won’t mess you about.

There is nothing magical about getting a website ranked highly in the search engines. If you have the time, energy and make the necessary effort, you could do it yourself. We don’t try and trick the search engines- this sort of tactic will quickly get you banned. We do, however make sure that your website ticks all the right boxes, on page and off page as well and that you have the best possible chance of getting your website ranked high.

Many people don’t realise that Google wants to help you and will actually reward those businesses that do the basics properly. They are not the enemy- if you follow some simple strategies and do the necessary work; your business website will rise in popularity and get found in the search engines. We look forward to working with you.


  • We have now had 15 new patients via the website so things are obviously on the up thanks to your great work.
    I will speak to Darren regarding dates for sign off.

    Kee Dental Care
  • Hi Glenn,
    Thank you so much for your work on the web site. Got loads more work and can visably see Elite Pipeline rise through the googlerankings , we even done a job in London today because of your hard work. ,
    Thanks again

    Elite Pipeline Services
  • Glenn
    Pleased to note page 1 for in ear monitors! Well done and thanks for all your efforts.
    Talk soon

    Minerva Hearing Protection

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