How Press Releases Can Get You Great Search Engine Rankings

Writing an interesting press release needn’t be a difficult job. Please don’t be put off writing a press release just because you think your boss might find out what you do in your spare time. Write it anyway and use a pseudonym to disguise your identity if necessary. Better still, use an outsourcing service like Elance to get your press release written and then published out to the major news sites. The internet makes this even more relevant today.

The key in a press release is to make the subject that is under consideration to be newsworthy. Magazine and online editors are bombarded daily with thousands of seemingly newsworthy items yet most of them are nothing more than a sales pitch for the product or service involved. Make your press release genuinely interesting and you are well on your way to success.

If a press release site submission is to is a major reference site, your press release can end up being syndicated (published by other sites) as they will pick up news from the major reference site. I send press release to my list of 24 reference sites and have ended up with those press releases being picked up by many more site, including Google news. This can be a very useful source of backlinks to your website from recognised, authority websites.

Writing compelling, interesting content is absolutely essential if your press release is going to hold the attention of anyone in today’s information age. We are all very busy all of the time so write with the reader in mind. What do they want to know? Why should they read this information? A good headline will entice the reader to want to read more information. This is also an excellent way of getting additional traffic to your own website if you add in the main keyword phrase in to the headline of your press release.

A press release should be around the 300 word mark. Making it longer than this will mean that it will probably get edited and shorter will mean that it gets thrown out as being too lightweight. A seies of small paragraphs makes for easy reading and the editor will feel that he doesn’t need to waste his time with the content and will often publish it in full as long as it of interest to his readership.

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