The Factors That Make A Difference In The Search Engines

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Title tags in a website are more important than most people understand, even including web designers. Web designers are often creative individuals who can make an absolutely amazing job on the design. If they don’t understand the importance or relevance of the title tags, your website will sit in cyberspace without being found. Re-write them as soon as you can and you will see results pretty quickly.

Meta descriptions are written by the website designer to let the search engine know exactly what the page of the website is about. They can be a very powerful tool as Google and other search engines sometimes use the meta description to return results to the user and you can use benefit orientated sales copy in your meta description to entice the user to click through to your website.

Meta Keywords. Some years ago when search engine spiders were far from sophisticated, the meta keywords were very important. Basically a list of keywords that you are trying to rank for, they are far less important now, however some search engine spiders still look at them and so they are important to a degree. These may need to be re-written, editing the meta keywords file so it benefits you and your customers.

Keyword density. The density of your chosen keywords within a web page is very important. Whilst having a density too low can be a problem, of a bigger concern is “keyword stuffing”, i.e. making the text too full of keywords. Whilst this looks like a good idea, it will definitely backfire on you. Your customers need to be able to make sense of every web page. Sometimes web pages need to be re-written as many times as necessary to make sure that the keyword density is correct, the copy reads properly, and most importantly, your customers end up buying or enquiring as appropriate.

Header tags in a web page are headings or headlines. Header tags like H1, H2 tags, etc. will not only make the website read properly, they will also make the search engines take notice. The same advice is true here as for keyword density, don’t just stuff keywords into header tags for the sake of it, however it is a factor that is important and you should definitely pay attention to this.

Image Alt tags. Did you know that the image alt tags were important to your search engine efforts? As well as being a very useful source of additional traffic through image searches, you can also make the site easier to read for sight impaired visitors and gain useful additional traffic. Whilst this can be a separate subject in its own right, it is important to pay attention to this area.

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