SEO Cardiff Announces A New Look For Their Website

October 24, 2010  |   Search Engine Optimisation   |     |   0 Comment

SEO Cardiff Announces A Modern Appearance To Their Website Search engine optimization Cardiff is delighted to make known that after several weeks of tough graft, their contemporary look site is going live on Monday 25th October 2010. Packed with content as well as features that are certain to engage visitors, the website has an exciting modern colour scheme, improved navigation plus almost certainly most importantly, lots  of fresh content

The article segment is very appealing. Conveniently categorised for straightforward searching, articles are simply laid out with fresh content on publicising your web site, web site design with accent on how superior design integrates with search engine optimization along with much more. The jargon busting section offers plain explanations and explodes the mystery surrounding many of the terms that are used in Search engine optimisation all the time.

A new segment showing the SEO portfolio is also included by way of screenshots of several diverse sites that are all now enjoying increased search engine visibility through the effort that Search engine marketing Cardiff has carried out on their behalf. Each 1 of these companies has improved traffic and sales as a consequence of improved search engine rankings. Coloured thumbnails along with a commentary and brief explanation as to what was done with each internet site to improve it’s search engine positioning is given along with a link to the site so it can be checked out properly.

Glenn Hughes, proprietor of the firm commented “We are delighted with the latest internet site,  it has been a long time coming. Visitors have been asking us for additional information on search engine optimization and now we control a method of showing them. I am particularly pleased about the portfolio segment as prospective clients are able to now check us out- we are grateful to our past and present customers for allowing our potential customers to get in touch with them. We hope that new clients will value this innovative approach.”

Other features include a new e-newsletter that people are able to subscribe to and obtain useful information sent to them as long as they desire it. This promises to be a really useful source of high-quality reference information- mainly as there is so much trash talked about the subject of Web optimization over the world-wide-web and social media blogs. Forthcoming e-newsletter subjects include content generation, classified ads as well as lead generation through classified advertising campaign. Client response is being actively sought- anyone who has something to contribute in relation to the new website is encouraged to get in touch with Search engine optimization Cardiff through the contact section on the website. Glenn Hughes can be contacted in person using this same method

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