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Welcome to Fix My Broken Website

We Get Your Website More Targeted Traffic

Thank you for visiting our website – we offer search engine optimisation (SEO) services in the South Wales and West areas (Cardiff, Bristol, Newport, Swansea etc.). We help to generate leads and additional sales through getting your website additional targeted traffic. We get your website in front of people who are ready to buy- additional business at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising. We also provide a massive variety of different resources- articles covering many aspects of search engine optimisation- available here

What’s In It For Me?

Having more visitors to your website or generating more leads for your business will simply add more revenue and profit into your business. Every business needs new customers as well as keeping the existing customers happy. We help fill your sales funnel with prospects that are actually looking for your service online at the time they enquire so they are far more likely to be in buying not browsing mode.

What is search engine optimisation? SEO in Cardiff, Bristol, Wales

Put simply, when someone needs something right now and they search the internet for an answer- they will be putting into the search bar terms like “Cardiff taxi”, “Bristol plumber”, Bridgend carpenter”. They have a problem and a need for a service and they are going to buy it from someone. If your business is on the first page of results that people see when they search online, it is much more likely that they will call or email you and ask you to solve their problem for them.
If someone is hungry and they type in “Cardiff restaurant” into their IPhone, do you think that they are ready to buy? Of course they are and if your website is coming up in the search results, they could well be calling you. If you are not found there, the customer will be calling your competitors.

The Internet Never Sleeps

We help people to gain more business by doing the work necessary to get your business on Google’s first page. You don’t have to be concerned about designing websites, search engine placement or indeed any of the difficult things that you don’t understand. We do all the back end work and you benefit from the increased turnover. You are free to concentrate on your business knowing that a steady stream of new business is coming your way as your silent sales machine works away for you in the background.

What about my competition?

To make sure that your business is not affected by other businesses in your locality, we commit to working with only one business of each type in every area. For example, having worked with a drainage company in Bridgend, we won’t now work with another drainage business in their catchment area.

What does Search Engine Optimisation or SEO Wales mean?

The search terms that you put into the search box are probably the reason why you are reading this page. This is important as there will be similar terms that your business may want to rank for appropriate to your business. SEO Wales or search engine optimisation Cardiff or Bristol are just some of the search terms that we try hard to rank for in the search engines.

Conventional advertising just doesn’t work any more
You probably already know this; however traditional newspaper, yellow pages or directory advertising does not work anymore. Your customers search online as a first point of reference. If you are not being found on the first page of the search engines, your business simply will not succeed in the long term. Of course, you could continue with your existing methods- the problem is that your customers are getting older and more and more people every day turn to the internet (often through their phones) to find solutions to their immediate problems.


Who are Fix my broken website? (SEO Cardiff)
We are a search engine marketing business that works with businesses and individuals that want to go a step further than just having a website. We get your websites found by customers ready to buy your product. Our business only succeeds if your business makes more money. Most businesses would love additional sales at a cost that makes having those sales worthwhile. We will search for the terms that your customers use to buy your product and make sure that your business is being found ahead of your competitors.


  • We have now had 15 new patients via the website so things are obviously on the up thanks to your great work.
    I will speak to Darren regarding dates for sign off.

    Kee Dental Care
  • Hi Glenn,
    Thank you so much for your work on the web site. Got loads more work and can visably see Elite Pipeline rise through the googlerankings , we even done a job in London today because of your hard work. ,
    Thanks again

    Elite Pipeline Services
  • Glenn
    Pleased to note page 1 for in ear monitors! Well done and thanks for all your efforts.
    Talk soon

    Minerva Hearing Protection

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